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The Bird Knows More

Length: 329 pages4 hours


Death, discrimination, and alchemy circles.

​Nineteen-year-old Kasside is a cadet at West Halnec Academy in the post-World War III year of 2122. The military-run academy is located on an island near California and houses Alchens, or people born with supernatural abilities. The abilities of these second-class citizens are attributed to a new type of energy which was discovered by using alchemy.

Kasside and his friend Maron are placed in a dire situation when Maron’s body begins to rapidly deteriorate. As they plan their escape to look for a solution, the strict government military organization CROSS begins to strip their only remaining freedoms and keep a watchful eye over the Alchens. Kasside and his friends manage to escape the academy and tirelessly fight for survival in their search for answers and for salvation.

​In a world of cat and mouse, it’s easy to forget about the bird.

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