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Bad Sister

Length: 48 pages43 minutes


It was New Years’ weekend and Scott and his fiancée Katie made plans to get away. With a much needed romantic holiday in store for them, Scott and Katie looked forward to their plans together. On the first night they planned to celebrate New Years’ eve at a “couples only” Burlesque Bash, followed by a quiet romantic day together.
Unfortunately due to a last minute work-related emergency, Katie had to cancel at the last minute. Unbeknownst to her, Scott had pre-paid for a two-night stay at a plush hotel suite as a surprise for her. Thoroughly disappointed that his weekend plans had been shattered and in fear of being alone on New Years’ Eve, Scott reaches out to his younger sister Rebecca, whom he hasn’t spoken to in a long time, to attend the New Years’ Eve party with him.
Rebecca looks a lot different than Scott remembered her as a little girl. She’s now a mature and sexy young woman that draws the eyes of several young men and unfortunately Scott’s as well. For reasons he can’t understand nor explain, Scott can’t control the attraction he feels towards her and is conflicted by his moral conscience.
Rebecca discovers Scott’s new found attraction for her. This is something Rebecca has always wanted and now she plans to take advantage of her opportunity.
As brother and sister, Scott and Rebecca know they playing a dangerous game of sexual tightrope. Will they be able to extinguish their lust for each other before it spirals out of control or will they give in to their desires?

This is an ADULTS ONLY short story recommended for readers 18+

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