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The Postcard

Length: 317 pages4 hours


A decade ago, a young man was enlisted into a "terrorist" faction against his will. His survival depended upon a plan he opposed, designing a weapon he had no intention of building and the death of his cousin.

And then he betrayed some very bad men to the US Government.

Eight years later, Erich Nazzari is a happily married man. He has a job he enjoys and lives a comfortable life with the woman he loves beyond anything in the world. His life is thrown into chaos when he crosses paths with a man who calls him by a name he left behind all those years ago. And now he has to find a way to stop them again to save his wife and the country from retribution.
The Postcard is a Christian novel. His wife's name is Faith and she was written to be not just the woman, but the concept, the thing he believes in that gets him through the hard times. It's a story about Faith, Love and how far a man will go to save the one thing he loves.

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