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Abbey Rayne

Length: 328 pages3 hours


Private Investigator Dani Ripper works her way through a bevy of nuthouse clients while trying to maintain her delicate personal relationship with Sophie Alexander. Dani desperately wants a life-changing case. But what she gets is a killer case.

Abbey Rayne is a hilarious novel with an edgy, dark side that will piss you off even as you’re laughing.


“I defy anyone to read this book and think it was written by a man.”

“With the possible exception of Emmett Love, Dani Ripper is Locke’s most complete character. I know her and love her and will undoubtedly catch myself searching the crowds for her next time I’m in Nashville.”

“Abbey Rayne is a crazy, silly, funny, delightful romp! I laughed out loud many times—even though the subject matter is serious.”

“With Abbey Rayne, Locke has fired a warning shot at colleges, fraternities and The System. Despite the almost nonstop humor, this novel offers a powerful message.”

“Dani cracks me up! Her relationships with Sophie and Dillon are spot-on and hilarious. While the entire novel is great, Dani’s new game, Countdown, is worth the price of the book all by itself. I guarantee people will be playing it in restaurants all across the country!”

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