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Children of The Forgotten: The Crucible

Length: 175 pages2 hours


For his first tour of duty, newly commissioned ensign, Cornelius Coleman, arrives on Ara to lead a platoon. There he finds life on the rebel planet precarious at best; not only does he need to worry about death by Arian Rebels, but he must also contend with the chaotic native climate and—perhaps more importantly—the risk of getting fragged by his own platoon, for Ara is on the imperial frontier where respect is law and danger is everywhere.

Higher up the chain, Grand Commander Yhoto has troubles of his own. Under his direction, the war against the Vrilkist is going poorly above the confederate planet of Klandine. He knows the battle is lost, and while logic tells him to retreat and regroup, pride and the risk to his legacy prompts him to stay the course. As a consequence, tens of thousands of imperials are being sent to the slaughter, despite the pleas from his subordinates to pull the forces back.

Both Cornelius and Yhoto have obstacles to overcome; failure to do so successfully may end in their deaths and that of the empire itself. And little does Cornelius know but the failures Yhoto is cultivating on the other side of the universe will have a devastatingly profound impact on his own immediate future. He will be put through a crucible of fire and death; if he makes it out he will be stronger than he ever was before; if not...

Long Live The Empire

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