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The Rosso Family Series



18-year-old Greek banking heiress Eva Rosso has her heart set on attending college in the US, but she’s struggling to even pass the entrance exam. When her brother hires cocky American Callum Woods as her tutor, Eva wants him gone. 

She’s sick of being treated like the baby of the family, and besides, she’s too distracted by his golden skin and lean muscles to study. There’s only one way to get rid of him, and she’ll have to use all her charms to do it.

Callum has always wanted to teach, although a spoiled rich girl isn’t his top choice as a first student. But with no money to return to the States, he’ll take what he can get. Her dark hair, gorgeous body, and constant flirting are becoming a distraction though, and he’s having a hard time staying focused on the job. But his student is untouchable, and to earn his pay it’ll take everything he has to resist temptation.

Their attraction is becoming uncontrollable, but what future could there be for a young American teacher and his wealthy Greek student?

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