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A Revelation of Love

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Complex imagery. Bewildering prophecy.
Vivid descriptions of unparalled violence.
The Wrath of God.
Judgment Day.
And yet...
The Book of Revelation is so much more!
It is an epic love story, wrapped around a desperate adventure, culminating in a daring rescue and the promise of the Bride and the Prince of Peace living happily ever after. But this is no fairy tale. This is the ulimate reality. All of the warnings, the plagues, the woes, the judgments – they all have a single purpose: to reveal just how much God loves us, and to what lengths He will go to save us.
A Revelation of Love
This study companion is designed to be read in conjunction with the Book of Revelation. It will help deepen your understanding of this important book, and hopefully help open your eyes to the most marvelous love story of all!

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