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The Scar and The Star: MacPherson Brides, #2

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Her scar was a sign of survival. His badge was his means to take vengeance.

Five years ago, a brutal attack left Esther O'Brien an orphan and a mother.  To support her son, she is willing to do anything—almost. The degrading arrangement her uncle tries to force upon her leads to a new position, only with this one, there's a man living across the hall—a disturbing man she must deal with every day, a man with a star on his chest.

Deputy US Marshal Colin MacPherson arrives in Central City seeking justice for the death of his wife and son. But the courage and the love of the young mother heals the scars of his heart as she and her son fill the emptiness in his soul.

When he discovers the true identity of Esther's son, can Colin's love overcome his need for vengeance?

This edgy historical romance is Book 2 in the MacPherson Brides series.

Book 1: The Rose and The Thorn

Book 3: The Hawk and The Eagle

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