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Memory of the Fey (The Vampire Inheritance Saga, #4)

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Cate Farren’s steamy, paranormal romance series continues in Memory of the Fey.

When the Fey arrive in the quaint, picturesque village of Chapel Green, Maine, the townsfolk have no clue what they’re in for. Determined to uncover a renegade shapeshifter that has been hiding out, the King of the Fey issues Sheriff Gable Trent an ultimatum. Give up the supernatural criminal, or everyone dies. 
Trent, a prime demon, isn’t used to taking orders, but his ailing daughter is in his care and he’s willing to swallow his pride to save her life. He calls on the council of representatives to find the shapeshifter without alarming the humans, which proves impossible once the Fey army begins creating chaos. Vampires, witches, and werewolves alike must put aside personal crisis and centuries-old feuds if they are to find the enemy in their midst before all of Chapel Green is obliterated. 
The arrival of Jared’s vampire maker sparks in him a personal crisis, bringing out feelings he thought he’d suppressed. Will his love for Clover win out, and can he help the town find their hidden enemy before he loses everything? 

WARNING - For mature audiences only, 18 and over. Contains violence, sexual situations, adult language, hot vampires and sexy werewolves. 

The Vampire Inheritance Saga: 
Book 1: Summer’s Deadly Kiss 
Book 2: Goddess of Fire 
Book 3: Call of the Alpha 
Book 4: Memory of the Fey 
Book 5: Dark Magic Rising (Coming later this year) 
Book 6: Twilight of War (Coming 2016) 

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