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What the Bible Really Says About Divorce! It's Not What You've Been Taught!

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This ebook attacks one of many false doctrines perpetuated by spiritual leadership. Preachers have been telling us for centuries that the bible says that God hates divorce and Christians who get divorced and then remmaried to a different spouse are living in sin. Everyone should hate divorce but that still does not give spiritual leadership the right to recklessly proclaim a false doctrine by boldly proclaiming that the bible says something that it clearly does not. This ebook will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that those who have been duped into thinking they are living in sin due to a past marial failure----and have dared to love again----have been falsely accused by very reckless spiritual clergy. False doctrines are not of God! False doctrines needlessly place the innocent under spiritual dark clouds of guilt and condemnation. This ebook examines a horrible tradition that started way back in ancient Israel over four thousand of years ago. This tradition is known as PUTTING AWAY. Malachi 2:16 does not say that God hates divorce----more accurately----it states that God hates PUTTING AWAY. This ebook will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that PUTTING AWAY and DIVORCE are not the same thing.

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