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Sociopath: Deceitful Game: Trust is a funny word...

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CIA gets hold of some classified information: An arms dealer in Paris is funding the Al Qaeda with millions of dollars and there's a ten kiloton hydrogen bomb, which may or may not enter the United States.
Hall Donovan – a strange man with no past, no background, no address and nothing – crosses path with the CIA. The CIA then discovers some of the amazing talents that he has got, that are almost superhuman and decides to use that to their advantage by sending him on this mission. His mission is to retrieve the money and the bomb, eliminate the arms dealer or bring him in for interrogation.
In a world of lies, conspiracy, espionage and ruthless criminals, Donovan has to succeed in the toughest job anyone can possibly get – protect the United States from terrorists.
But the questions that still remain are – Who is Hall Donovan? Is he trustworthy? Is he really who he says he is?

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