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The Night's Caress

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A College Student...

As a little girl, Mallory watched her sister die at the hands of a vampire. But vampires weren't real. They were just a bunch of stories. Weren't they? Of course they were. Everyone knew that. But how could she reconcile what she'd seen with what everyone believed?

She couldn't. Vampires did exist. She knew it. Ten years after her sister's death, she is determined to prove it to the world. To convince even the most skeptical that vampires walked among them. Years of research, of carefully sorting through every myth and every tale, was finally starting to pay off. She had her first real lead...

An Ancient Vampire...

Born in the streets of ancient Rome, Victor has seen civilizations rise and fall. He has born witness to most of the great discoveries of man. And he has known hundreds of woman, even loved some of them along the way. But he'd never felt truly drawn to a human. Until one dark night when he pulls a young woman from the clutches of a small vampire gang. From the moment he'd caught her scent, touched her skin, looked into his eyes, he'd known he'd never be able to let her go.

But even as they come together, discovering their love, Mallory is a target. Can Victor protect her from a danger she brought on herself?

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