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Mina's Cave: Desperately Seeking Me

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One of a four part series, Desperately Seeking Me is about Mina, one of the main character's, who has hidden her true identity from her husband by wearing a mask. Derrick, her husband, has long fantasized about her demonstrating her true love for him by participating in risque sexual adventures. He discovers her true inner self by probing into her personal effects. He suffers alone because he fails to open up and be forthcoming with Mina for a while. Instead, he opens up about his sexual fantasies about his wife to others outside of their marriage. He does this until he realizes that he has no choice but to let Mina in on his thoughts and desires to gain potential resolve.

Mina feels victimized. Forced into a situation that is the result of her husband's selfish desires and subsequent demands. She feels like her decision will ultimately result in the end of a relationship that has cost them valuable time as well as unmentionable investment. In response to Derrick's demands, Mina gives her decision a lot of thought. She relentlessly weighs the pros and cons surrounding the possibility of going along with her husband's desires against her better judgement. They debate. Derrick is persistent. He begins to show aggression by subjecting her to an uncomfortable environment suggestive in nature to what he desired of Mina. He respects her and cares about what she thinks of him, but his fantasies of her giving in to the excitement of sexual escapades with other men eventually supercede his better judgement.

In an effort to convince Mina that her decision to cooperate with his desires is relevant to the continuation of their married relationship in peace, Derrick offers a passive aggressive ultimatum. In offering this ultimatum, he fails to realize that his ultimate fantasy is actually Mina's ultimate, yet silent wish. Derrick's sexual fantasy depicts Mina's true identity that she has been keeping secret. Mina's secret desire to act out as Derrick's fantasy freak would allow her to give into her true identity. Being the respectful, honorable wife that she is, she doesn't give into this fascinating opportunity without deep thought, without respect for her husband's best interests in mind regarding their commitment, nor without class.

As Mina gives into her husbands demands, she allows him to take control of her, at least she allowed him to think that he was in controll of her actions. Their adventures lead Mina to discover what she was desperately seeking in her life. She was seeking the release of her free spirit, her true identity that she named Meme.

This novella, Desperately Seeking Me, allows you to join Mina and Derrick in their erotic, romatic adventure. Their adventures are full of audacious, sexually arousing, interludes that will provide the reader a host of racy scenarios to enjoy immensely.

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