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Summer's Splendor

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Divorced fifty-one year old Summer Rabelais is immediately knocked off her moorings by the gorgeous twenty-three year old Aussie Brad Benson the moment the two meet. Their passions explode, but Brad’s youthful declaration of love signals Summer that they have gone too far too fast. Unable to deny the delights her young lover is providing, Summer knows well how it all must end for them. It’s her corresponding passion for her photography business, as well as her daughter Candace’s relentless interest in Brad, that brings Summer to the crossroads. Can she teach Brad the difference between lust and love in time to save his and Candace’s more fulfilling future together, as she also embraces the future to which her own artistic passion has guided her?

Summer Rabelais succeeds where the iconic “Mrs. Robinson,” famous in song and story, didn’t and couldn’t.

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