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Deep Dive

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Former Olympic diver Sam Lewis sometimes feels like a has-been. His celebrity status has faded and he now works as a stunt diver at Water World, a southern California aquatic theme park. Sam’s lived his entire life sheltered from most of society, and he’s guarded the secret of his sexual orientation for the sake of his celebrity reputation. But Sam yearns for love, and now that he’s not so much in the public eye, he allows himself to begin dating. When he meets a coworker named Percy in the Atlantis Kingdom museum at Water World, Sam thinks it just might be love at first sight. But the more he interacts with Percy, the more perplexed he becomes by the young man’s strange behavior. Sam soon discovers Percy’s not an ordinary gay man, and Sam’s eyes are opened to a whole new fantasy world he never imagined could actually exist. Together they must fight forces intent on separating them if they’re to have any real chance at love.

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