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First Light: Prequel to the Lightbearer Series

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The year is 1512. Shapeshifter Xander Wulf believes that to kill a Lightbearer is to inherit her magic. If only he can find one.

And then he does, but he doesn’t kill Sabine Flemming, because for the first time he suspects killing her isn’t how he can gain her magic. He just needs to eliminate James Bennett, King of the Lightbearers—who wants to mate with Sabine—so he can prove his new theory.

Shifters and Lightbearers don’t have to be enemies... Do they?
Everything changes for the Lightbearers and their mortal enemy, the shapeshifters, in 1512, five hundred years before book one, Into the Light, takes place. Find out what happens to propel into action a sequence of events that have set the stage for the rest of the series.

Other books in the series, in reading order:
Broken Light (Claiming My Valentine Anthology)
Into the Light
Dawning of Light
Light Beyond the Darkness
Change in the Light
Cupid's Light

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