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The Bangalore Set

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30 days—1 city.

'The Bangalore Set' was created when Australian writer Kathryn Hummel, a resident at the Kena Artists' Initiative, began writing a poem a day for thirty days on the complex beast of Bangalore. A tribute to her temporary home, the chapbook brilliantly captures the author's observations and experiences of the city's diversity, splendour and squalor.

Launched at Kena in October 2015, 'The Bangalore Set' has so far charmed and provoked its readers. This ebook was created to satisfy the demands of poetry lovers beyond Bangalore and transport them to the city's streets, wherever they happen to be in the world.

Author Bio
Kathryn Hummel is the author of 'Poems from Here', 'The Bangalore Set' and the forthcoming 'Broken Lines: Writings from a Disrupted Lifetime in Bangladesh'. Her diverse, award-winning poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography has been published and performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Asia, often in collaboration with musicians and fellow writers. Throughout her travels, Kathryn has completed a PhD for her research in narrative ethnography and has been a writer in residence with Australian Poetry, Forever Now, 1ShanthiRoad and, most recently, the Kena Artists’ Initiative in Bangalore. Her website doubles as a logbook.

Praise for Kathryn's work
Kathryn Hummel is a poet and a humanist, interested in the varied spectrum of human culture. She is as much at home in Australia as in a number of other countries; and she has a particular fondness for Bangladesh, whose physical and social landscape has inspired/provoked much of her poetic output. Her poems are sensitive responses to the human condition as she sees it, and strike a nice balance between subjective elements and objective realities observed from unusual angles. They belong to the new global literature that is slowly taking shape before our eyes.
—Kaiser Haq, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

These poems gracefully combine poignant cultural observation with a sense of deep empathy. Hummel’s pleasure in language and ability to peel back the layers of perception conveys a potent sense of place and cross-cultural observation that is both insightful and refreshingly free of judgement.
—Rachael Mead, 'The Sixth Creek'

Reading Hummel offers that pleasing sense of getting to know a writer, and making that possible is her great honesty concerning the human condition...If the expression here were described as confessional it would limit the perception of its scope, since that word seems tainted by those who have objected to confessionalism, and sometimes for good reason. Perhaps a better word would be admission – especially since that has another meaning for access, accessibility and permission.
—Owen Bullock, 'foam:e'

In 'Poems from Here' Kathryn Hummel engages the reader in complex and subtle questions about desire, loss, and hope where the limits of language and love are inevitable and ineffable. Each poem sings with an evocative call for living well in the world. Each poem lingers in the liminal spaces between the erotic and the exotic, the eclectic and the electric, the enigmatic and the energetic. These poems are 'from here', but they tirelessly interrogate the location of 'here': just where is 'here'? In 'Poems from Here', 'here' is always located in the heart, written deeply and vulnerably in the wide expansive world. These poems are fired in the memory and imagination where longing often challenges, even sometimes defeats, the desire for belonging; these poems acknowledge the mystery of living in language while insisting on finding a fierce, unflinching wisdom for leading the way.
—Carl Leggo, The University of British Columbia

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