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22 Laws Of Life (Volume 2)

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in December 2009 in preparation for the cross-over into the New Year (2010) when the LORD began to minister to me about the Laws of Life. He began to make me understand that laws govern life. Every aspect of life is governed by laws. And He said that negative consequences are the outcome when such laws are broken. I realized then, that a clear understanding of the laws of life as well as the wise application of the same, will enhance life both in quality and quantity and in length and depth. It is a secret of positive outcome in life. When these laws are understood and a person applies himself to them, then life can be enhanced in quality and in quantity.
Laws cannot be influenced: They can only be obeyed, disregarded or disobeyed with attendant consequences. This book brings to our attention these laws of life and how to apply ourselves to them.

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