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Prove Yourself: Essential Lessons From My Successful Startups

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Like millions of immigrants throughout our history, who have found their way to the United States, Dr. Kingsley R Chin has fulfilled the American Dream and in his book, Prove Yourself, he describes in heart wrenching emotions, anecdotes and priceless business and life lessons for anyone who has the desire for financial freedom whether it is to own your own business or rise up to lead in any organization and build a working team to succeed.  Woven throughout this book is an infectious tenacity to succeed that will pull you to want to identify your desire and pursue it until you too succeed. Prove Yourself is a story, an attitude and a mindset you can get behind, a book that can inspire you and lift you to the next level of personal and professional success.  So read on, join the movement to prove yourself.  Because today might be the day you change the course of your life and prove to yourself that you’re worthy of enjoying the life of success and financial freedom.

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