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The Tragedy of Fate

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BOOK TWO IN THE FIREHEART SAGA. After learning of the different manipulative forces that are trying to control him, Savitar has decided to put all other concerns aside and concentrate on his own personal revenge. He abandons the quest for the Shards of the Sigilgrim, much to the chagrin of those who believe it to be mankind's only hope, and sets off to locate the necromancer who has caused him such personal pain. His magic greatly increased and his thirst for blood not yet sated, Savitar has begun to feel a dark change within him. It is a change not unnoticed by others and the more ominous interpretation of the Fireheart Prophecy is feared to be true. The Fireheart may not be the world's savior but instead the herald of its destruction. With his inability to trust anyone and the knowledge that someone close will in fact betray him, Savitar cares little of the looming turbulent future and even less for prophecies. He has cast aside his faith in legacy and now must hold to the tragedy of fate.

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