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Gérard Lécuyer AKA Gagnon was given the name Gagnon (Guard Dog) while serving in Hallsworth Forces Spéciales Second Dragons de Condé for his ability to recognize danger before it happened. He was required to enlist in the Hallsworth Army at the age of 15 by the courts. His records prior to his 15 birthday have been sealed and are not available without an order from the Hallsworth Emperor. By 18 he transferred to the Hallsworth Forces Spéciales Second Dragons de Condé. His service record after that is sketchy. He joined the Garde Impériale was promoted to the rank of Captain and placed in charge of the personal guard for the Empress of the Hallsworth Empire and her court. He was also given the assignment to investigate the mysterious deaths of the Emperor’s two brothers and three younger sisters. During this investigation he was implicated in the murder of one of the handmaidens to the Empress and in the plot to assonate the Emperor and Empress of the Hallsworth Empire.

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