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American Dictator: Changing of the Guard

1,026 pages11 hours


A Compelling New Novel, by the Award-Winning Author of Thunder and Storm, the Haverfield Incident

The first novel of an exciting three-volume story!

An absorbing tale of political aspiration, achievement, and unintended consequences threatening the nature and very existence of the United States of America.

Could it possibly happen?

This exciting political thriller chronicles the campaign and early days of a new president, M. Spencer Howell, popular and charismatic. He and his administration enact bold new reforms with the support of a vast majority of Americans. Some people in and out of the government grow vaguely apprehensive about some of the details, but the innate character of the president and the honesty of his motives dampen their concerns. But what happens without Howell? These initiatives may take new and ominous turns if Howell’s cautious hand no longer controls the apparatus his plans have set in motion. Howell’s administration and other Washington players all affect events in their own way and for their own purposes.

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