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My First Book About Hamsters: Amazing Animal Books - Children's Picture Books

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Table of Contents

Facts about Hamsters
How Hamsters Communicate
Hamsters as Pets
Hamsters like to sleep during the day. Hamster Care
Hamster Care
Hamster Health
Hamster Food
Hamster Balls
Hamster Cages
Types of Hamsters
Dwarf Hamsters
Russian Dwarf Hamster
Syrian Hamsters
Teddy Bear Hamsters
Winter White Hamsters
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Facts about Hamsters

Hamsters are fuzzy, little, and easy to care for.

Hamsters live for about 4 years.

Hamsters heart beat 500 times per minute or 8 times per second!

Hamsters teeth keep growing, that is why they are always biting and chewing stuff.

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