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The Bully

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After a corporate takeover that results in new management and his demotion, Ross is biding his time until he retires. Unfit and unhappy that the lift in the building has been out of order for longer than necessary, he decides to confront his new boss, Ernestine, a cold woman brought in to manage staff layoffs.

Desperate to make Ernestine understand that the lift is a symbol of change (and not for the better), he commits an act of defiance that both redeems and costs him...

If you've ever been downsized, restructured, mergered, redeployed or retrenched (and who hasn't these days?) then this short story—a 21st Century metaphor in the form of an office drama—is for you.

You'll cheer for Ross—a most unlikely hero—as he finally finds the courage to finally say what he thinks.

And who knows? This short read might be the inspiration you need to break free from the shackles of your own work drama!

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