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Exotic Encounters

95 pages1 hour


There is the belief that when a person is hungry and falls asleep, he dreams of food and eats to his fill. There is also another school of thought that holds that dreams might be the place where there is a connection with a much higher power. It could be a place where God finally connects to man.
This is a chronological collection of short stories and dream encounters that span over more than 20 years. It is an examination of encounters that have caused one woman to wake up with her heart pounding and body soaked in sweat. Many times she would wake up weeping or in the middle of prayer and praise. This is her journey to make meaning out of her encounters. This book also seeks to reach out to many who have sought outlets to similar encounters.
This woman rarely remembers, her dreams but when she does it strikes a cord in her that makes them unforgettable.

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