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Off With Their Heads!

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Queen Victoria took being a queen to the head literally. Anyone she didn’t like would be sent to the chopping block where she became famous “Off with their heads,” and off they went, but one day that would all change when she yelled out “Off with his head.” When the guillotine rope was being released and the blade came down it stopped within inches of the man’s neck. Then there was silence from the queen and spectator’s. Everyone’s jaw dropped because the queen was always successful at every execution.
The queen immediately got up from her chair and raced over to ask her henchmen why they failed. The queen yelled out in anger “Do it again!” So, the henchmen examined the guillotine and got it ready again. The queen sat back down in her chair and said “No one leaves my execution with their heads still attached to their body.” The queen again yelled out “Off with his head!” Again the blade came down inches from his neck and stopped. This infuriated the queen and she would stop at nothing to get this man back at the chopping block.
The queen had to release the man because of the botched execution and scheduled the execution the next morning. The queen was laughed at by the spectators for failing at what she was famous for. Jokes were said around town about the queen’s botched execution, but the queen refused to let one botched execution break her spirit. The queen loved to look at her castle from a distance and see all the severed heads hanging over the castle walls from her executions this made her feel inferior over anyone.

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