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Carrie Anne and her two friends Jasmine and Nicole were asked to stay at Carrie Anne’s Aunt Claire’s mansion for the week while she was out of the country on business. Carrie Anne and her two friends said they’d love to. Carrie Anne asked her two friends in advance about bringing along some ghost hunting equipment since the first night was going to be a stormy night so they wouldn’t be bored. As the girls were enjoying their first night in the mansion and playing around with their ghost hunting equipment Carrie Anne said she would be the lead paranormal investigator and told her two friends that someone got murdered in the mansion long ago even though she made it all up just to get them in the mood to keep hunting. Unbeknownst to Carrie Anne she was dead right someone had been murdered long ago in the mansion that was kept a secret by her aunt so Carrie Anne wouldn’t be afraid to stay the night with her.

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