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Screams in the Night

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Every night just a little after midnight screams echoed all through Castle Webly that were unbearable for any of the guests to get a good night’s rest. The owners of the castle forewarned any guests that stayed the night blood curdling screams would go on through the night until morning. The guests were also unaware that the owners Sir Arthur Webly and his wife Elizabeth were dead and buried in the family crypt. The reason Sir Arthur Webly and his wife Elizabeth were among the living dead was because of a guest at their party who was a vampire by the name of Count Drac Von Stoller the prince of darkness. Count Drac Von Stoller chose Elizabeth as his vampire bride and entered her room that night and bit her on the neck and while the count was sucking the blood from her neck her husband had dozed off down in the kitchen while drinking some wine and woke up to a scream. He dashed upstairs to his bed chambers and burst through the bed chamber doors where his beautiful wife Elizabeth was sleeping and Count Drac Von Stoller turned around with blood dripping from his mouth....

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