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No Plus One: What to Do When Life Isn't a Romantic Comedy

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by Steph Young and Jill Dickman

Single women looking for for an alternative fairytale ending will find all the advice they need in Steph Young and Jill Dickman’s new book No Plus One: What to Do When Life Isn't a Romantic Comedy. No Plus One is the ultimate guide for single women who want to lead an amazing life without the anxiety of finding or keeping a man. “Even though there may not be a prince by your side, life can still be a fairytale,” said Steph Young, who co-authored No Plus One with her longtime friend and confident Jill Dickman. “No Plus One reveals the beauty in being single. It also holds the key to finding confidence and happiness while learning how to be bold, outgoing, and graceful in the process.” After enduring more than a few unbelievable dating experiences, Young and Dickman decided they had to share the insights they gained with other single women around the world. Throughout the book, they discuss nine critical lessons that focus on the most pressing issues single women face today. These lessons include risk taking, getting over an ex, handling bad dating advice, and maintaining high standards, among others.

At the end of No Plus One, readers will find the Single Life Tool Kit. “Because this book was written with the intent of helping singles live a single life they love, we added some additional tools to help during some of the more difficult situations they may encounter,” said Young.

Dickman states conclusively, “We want women to give themselves permission to enjoy and love being single.”

“Once I let go of the idea that I was ‘less than’ if I didn’t have a man, I started to feel complete,” said Young. “After reading this book, I hope other single women realize that as well.”

When not out enjoying life, Steph Young and Jill Dickman remain focused on their careers. Young resides in Los Angeles, California and works in marketing. Dickman is a Bar Method and dance instructor in Portland, Oregon. They are both still single and loving it.

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