The Ghost of Old Sheb

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The Ghost of Old Sheb

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Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you’re all alone in your house or cabin in the woods especially when you’re watching a scary movie with the lights out and it’s storming outside that any moment someone or something is going to open the door and scare the hell out of you. Sometimes when you’re getting a little scared while watching the movie the door you thought was closed all the way just happens to open and intensifies the situation even more. Then you nervously and slowly go to the door and shut it so you’ll feel safe again and continue to watch your movie and even turn the lights on to bring the scare factor down to a minimum. This is where the story begins.
Tom, Linda, Jack and Susan loved camping and hiking out in the woods. Tom’s cabin was the place for a weekend of fun, but this time their little fun filled weekend at Tom’s cabin would be filled with terror and murder.

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