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Going Through .... Even if the Door is Closed

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On August I 4, I 96 I , two days after East Germany closed the border and
began erecting the Berlin Wall, an East German soldier, Hans Conrad Schuhmann,
leapt across a barbed wire fence to West Berlin and freedom. At the same time
this man and millions of others were desperately trying to escape from behind
the Iron Curtain, an-American missionary, Bill Bathman, was beginning to smuggle
Bibles, medical supplies and other aid to persecuted Christians in Eastern
Europe. Why would any man risk everything to help others in restricted access

Veteran missionary Bill Bathman served the persecuted Church in communist
countries for over 38 years. Going Through contains powerful stories of missionary
exploits in Europe, East and West, during ..the dramatic events of the Cold War.

You inspired, encouraged and challenged as you read this uplifting book.

"You are now holding in your hand a treasure of the Twentieth Century, a
chronicle of decades of Book-of-Acts-like experiences in the life of a singularly
dedicated man of God." -Dr. Gary D. Kinnaman, pastor and author

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