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Till Death Do Us Part

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Tom and Brenda had been married for over forty-five years and all the love they once knew was gone. They fought constantly, but neither one of them had the guts to leave fearing if they divorced they would lose their beautiful mansion, and expensive cars so they both just stayed together only for the material side of the marriage. Every time they fought they would say to each other “I wish you were dead!” They both meant it wholeheartedly. They both slept in separate rooms and slept with one eye open fearing the other one would do them in.
Brenda still cooked for her husband out of guilt. One night when they sat at the dinner table eating the dinner she cooked for them she decided to add a little surprise to his meal. She put some roaches in his mash potatoes and with a big smile on her face she watched him shovel the mash potatoes into his mouth, but it only took seconds for him to realize something wasn’t right. When he spit out the mash potatoes onto his plate one of the roaches wasn’t quite dead yet and crawled out of the mash potatoes. Tom said “What in the hell is going on here?” Brenda laughed and said “You should have seen the look on your face.” Tom yelled back “I don’t find any of this very funny!” He threw his napkin down on the plate and said “I’m going to get me something else!” She just laughed as he slammed the front door behind him as he got in his car and sped down the road in search of a fast food restaurant.
After Tom got his food he went to the pet store to get a garter snake and brought it back home to place in his wife’s bed when she went to sleep.

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