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The Invisible Horror

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Dr. Raven Cane was the lead scientist at the Atomic Space Lab. Even though his colleagues had high regard for his work he always had one dream in the back of his mind and that was to develop an invisibility cloak and become the envy of every scientist abroad. Well after years and years of blood sweat and tears his dream came true but at a heavy cost because the fame and fortune went to his head and that’s when a good thing turned evil.
Even all the money and fame that was brought his way you would think he would have been satisfied but that would not be the case because he wasn’t satisfied with the millions of dollars that flowed his way instead his ego got the best of him and he broke into the Atomic Space Lab and stole the cloak from his own employer that bought the cloak from him and made him famous.
Dr. Cane put on the cloak and put his evil thoughts in motion by robbing a bank.

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