The First Gift

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The First Gift

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Length: 278 pages4 hours


This thrilling historical adventure follows what happened to the gold given by the Magi to the infant Christ and its legendary special powers. Blending fact with fiction the nature of the golden relic and its history is revealed in an accurate depiction of first century life. It also tells the story of Marcus Facilis who, as a baby, was the only other boy to escape from the slaughter of the innocents by Herod's guards led by their captain, Jehua.
Brought up as a slave until he is twelve years old, a twist of events results in Marcus encountering the Holy family who have come to Jerusalem to present the Magi's gold as a thank offering as Jesus becomes Bar Mitzvah. However, when a rebel band of Zealots attempt a raid on the Jerusalem Temple to steal the money contained underneath in the real Chamber of Secrets, Marcus becomes accidentally involved and witnesses the holy power of the gold which can blight evil lives but enhance those of the good. As a result, he becomes hunted once again by Jehua, now head of the Secret Police and he has to leave Jerusalem, aided by one of the original Magi and the supernatural effects of the gold artefact. But no matter where he goes, Marcus' destiny is always linked with the gold and the man who was born to be King.
Follow what happens to the gold down the ages and its location today in the sequel novels, 'The Sword of Facilis' and 'The Time Element'.

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