Colossians: Christ Revealed: The Hope of Glory: The Bible Teacher's Guide

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Colossians: Christ Revealed: The Hope of Glory: The Bible Teacher's Guide

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Who is Jesus Christ? Is he enough for salvation? How should our relationship with him affect our daily lives? Paul's letter to the Colossians answers these questions. The Colossian church was being attacked by a cult with an early form of Gnostic doctrine that challenged the deity and the sufficiency of Christ. It taught Christ was not enough for salvation and that more was needed. 

Paul challenged this teaching by revealing the supremacy of Christ. Christ is the image of the invisible God and the fullness of deity dwells in him. He is the Creator, the Reconciler, the Victor, the Deliverer, the Head of the body—the church! He is the Firstborn and the Hope of Glory in the saints. Colossians teaches that our relationship to him should affect every aspect of our lives including thoughts, conversations, friendships, family, and work. 

This message is still relevant today as many are attacking the deity and sufficiency of Christ, both for salvation and sanctification. Let us stand in awe of the glory of Christ, as we study Paul's letter to the Colossians with the Bible Teacher's Guide. 

"Expositional, theological, and candidly practical! I highly recommend The Bible Teacher's Guide for anyone seeking to better understand or teach God's Word." 

—Dr. Young–Gil Kim, Founding President of Handong Global University 

"This study could be used by pastors as an aid for sermon preparation, by small group leaders, or by any believer who wants to understand and apply God's Word personally. I can't imagine any student of Scripture not benefiting by this work." 

—Steven J. Cole, Pastor, Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, Author of the Riches from the Word series 

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