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Vegan Up!: Mouthwatering & Nutritious Whole-Food Dishes - 150 Easy-to-Follow Recipes

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The 150 extremely delicious, step-by-step recipes in „Vegan Up!“ will show you how easy it is to enjoy a healthy whole-food, plant-based lifestyle, without the use of any meat replacements, such as tofu or seitan.
Thierry Pascal, a private vegan chef with many years of experience, created all his easy-to-follow recipes with a very strong emphasis on taste, nutritional values, easily sourced ingredients, and presentation. „Vegan Up!“ will teach you how to prepare mouthwatering salad dressings and meals without the need of processed oils.
You will be thrilled by the wide variety of exciting recipes in the „Vegan Up!“ cookbook:
Most recipes take into account today’s busy lifestyle and are kept to absolute minimal preparation times.
When Chef Pascal learned about the massive health benefits of unprocessed plant food three years ago, he started to use purely whole-food produce and eliminated all processed oils.
Using his culinary expertise and experience, he began to design unique dishes, incorporating a wide range of plant foods, and infusing them with taste-enhancing and health-beneficial herbs and spices.
All „Vegan Up!“ recipes have been thoroughly kitchen-tested to ensure user-friendliness, reliability, and amazing results. Chef Pascal designed them with the sole purpose of enriching and empowering the lives of vegans and non-vegans by providing whole-food vegan recipes that are truly tasty, innovative, and uncomplicated. They are healthy and tasty alternatives to the bland, processed and/or oil-laden vegan recipes commonly available.
Tina Botel has passionately and meticulously written up his recipes in easy to follow steps, as well as taken the photos of his wonderful creations.
To make „Vegan Up!“ useful to everybody worldwide, the quantities of all ingredients are specified in imperial, as well as metric measurements.
„Vegan Up!“ also includes many helpful tips and facts to demystify this unique vegan way of food preparation.
Now it’s time to Vegan Up!

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