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Understanding Predatory Leadership: The First Step Toward a World Free of War, Corruption and Poverty

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Over the centuries, humanity has been resourceful, creative, brilliant, innovative and expert at solving problems. But within our accomplishments, there are problems that have been impossible to solve. Tragically they represent our worst examples of social injustice. In modern history, the most notable events are identified with Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Milosevic and many others. While evidence of this phenomenon can be found in many ways over the centuries, it also shows up today all around the world.

Understanding Predatory Leadership begins by asking why so many powerful leaders do a terrible job on behalf of their people. Successful at attaining their positions but despite expectations held by their constituencies, they failed miserably afterwards, fulfilling their own agendas while people suffered under their rule.

This book's revelations describe the internal thought processes, motivations, lack of internal restraint and the general worldview of people who fail as true leaders yet often remain in leadership positions throughout the strata of society, from domestic relationships to regional governments, within bureaucracies, corporate cultures and nonprofit organizations, in national governments and in other environments controlled by those described as predatory leaders, such as mafias, terrorist groups and operators of human trafficking rings. The resulting database of knowledge explains how, without any evidence of conscience or concern, toxic leaders are able to initiate and sustain actions and policies that cause so much harm to so many around the world.

The good news is that this knowledge can be used to improve the work of millions of people working worldwide to heal the human condition. Incorporating the data within the premise of predatory leadership, humanitarians will be able to upgrade their diagnostic and problem solving skills, enabling them to make better choices and develop pragmatic and sustainable solutions for resolving their particular causes. As millions of people initiate actions that mitigate opportunities for predatory personalities, civilization will begin to shift from the status quo into a kinder, gentler global society in which no child will ever be denied the opportunity to achieve her or his greatest potential.

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