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Brattish Isles

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A preface comments on the Tower of Babel story, how the nations divided settled very little, God's plan to rid us of the nations as defined today. Of course, states and people will go on, but not as defined now. First poem: 'Erin Arrow' views treachery in Ireland. Second poem: 'Welsh Lullaby' looks at that little country's sordid pagan lineage. Third poem: 'Stone of Scone' previews the fall of the Scottish realm. Fourth poem: 'Cornish Hens' laments the sad history of that land and its mining heritage. Fifth poem: 'Manx Cats' is a tongue in cheek view of the isles from a lost paradise viewpoint. Yes, Helen Mirren fans, she is mentioned in this work, along with Stella McCartney.

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