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No Owner's Manual

334 pages5 hours


What would you do if you were suddenly given a sword that just magically appears and disappears, but only when you need it to, but you had no directions for using it... No Owner's Manual? Ceilidh Masters has just that happen to her one horrible night when she's 15 years old. She has to learn to deal with this Sword and the compulsion it gives her to eradicate evil. She spends years learning what she can, with no guidance, then she finds a young boy just like her and she takes him under her wing to train him, in the hopes he doesn't make the same mistakes she did.

When her Sword leads her to a high society evil man, she must follow him into the depths of his depravity or the Sword will drive her crazy., Ceilidh must work with a man who was put on her trail and find some answers neither want to face.

It could have all been prevents if there was just a manual for the sword.

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