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Bite-Sized Romance: A Paranormal Pair

130 pages1 hour


Something's amiss...

Strange things are happening in the stories included here!
This bundle contains two short novellas involving bwwm interracial romances with light paranormal aspects.

- Leap of Faith: Lisa is making her way through college, hanging on to a relationship she no longer wants to be in for the sake of its familiarity.
Daniel is a fellow student—a stranger, and nothing more than a blip on her radar until one day, an odd, sudden ability changes everything, making her consider leaving her possessive boyfriend for him.

“Leap of Faith” is a light, new adult tale of budding romance with a dash of telepathy.

- The Lifeguard: Regina Hartley has had enough.
The demands of life have taken a toll on her, and, no longer feeling equipped to endure the strain, she decides to end it all in watery surrender.
But instead of drowning to death, she finds herself being revived on shore by a concerned, handsome stranger, and after saving her, the stranger refuses to leave her alone.
She realizes she doesn’t mind his attention so much, and is now interested in what else life has to offer her overall.
But after saving her spirit, will the handsome stranger eventually disappear?

“The Lifeguard” is a clean romance novelette with a bit of supernatural mystery.

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