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Punchbag and the Mystery of the Litter Louts

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Punchbag and the Mystery of the Litter Louts is a delightful Bedtime Story Book for Adults of all ages. Beautifully illustrated by pictures in your head, the story follows the escapades of our adorable little rascal of a cat, Punchbag... who lives on Mr. Brown’s farm... and is 5ft 10.

Full of important life lessons this inspirational story scampers along... as Punchbag begins to discover that there is litter everywhere... and realises just what he can do about it.

Punchbag and the Mystery of the Litter Louts is a tale you’ll want to keep for years to come, as you follow Punchbag from his time as a little kitten with his Mammy and brothers and sisters in their midden, through his visit to see Larry the Downing Street Cat; who has been devising policy to free young people from the benefit-trap by getting them to work for nowt, to eventually finding his way to Mr. Brown’s farm... to help him in his blood feud with the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Oh Punchbag... what will you get up to next...?!

Please note... this is not a children’s book; and will also probably be lost on anyone not British... although please feel free to try and wade through it wondering who these characters are... and at exactly what point it’s supposed to be funny. It might also help if you are middle aged, cynical... and feel like screaming most days.

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