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Fervent Fire: Understanding the Pattern of the Priesthood for Prevailing Intercessory Prayer

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Do you understand the connection between the Old and New Testament priesthoods and your prayer life? How should we approach prayer about events such as the removal of the 10 commandments from the Oklahoma State Capitol? Are you a prayer warrior who wants your intercessory prayer to yield results like never before? A scriptural understanding of the pattern of the priesthood is necessary to maximize your prayer effectiveness and change your family, community and nation in the process. Fervent Fire reveals this pattern, which so many New Testament believers fail to examine, and swings open a door of insight to the present-day workings of priests, sacrifices, altars, thrones and angels.

In this book, you'll discover the exciting journey of the early priesthood, its connection to David's household drama and how a shrewd, scheming politician manipulated the pattern of the priesthood to secure his throne. All the while, you'll be building up to a wonderful and new revelation of exactly why Jesus calls us a royal priesthood. Fervent Fire, the first of the 5-book Priest and Warrior Intercessor Series, is essential for all intercessors, fundamental to every believer and of utmost necessity to those who have purposed for their Christianity to add value to the royal priesthood and holy nation.

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