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Please Pass the Podium

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Please Pass the Podium. I’m turning 65 years old this month, and I’ve been silent for most of my life. Silent in the fact that I’ve watched America grow into the greatest country in the world, then begin a slow decline that’s now nose-down and turning into a spiral of out-of control government spending and out-of-control personal behavior, a democracy where the minority rules and elected officials seem to accomplish nothing of importance. This is my chance to speak my mind and I’m going to do it. You might applaud Johnny American by the time I finish, or you might want to throw rotten tomatoes at me, but if nothing else I intend to say what I feel, and hope that I speak for those hard-working Americans who have carried this country on their backs for decades, only to watch it eroding into poverty by crooked politicians, generational welfare recipients, and just plain old stupidity and ignorance. I point fingers, but truth is, I’m just as guilty as anyone else, because I’ve allowed this to happen. But now I speak on these topics. Johnny American also weighs in on our school systems, obnoxious behavior, inattentive drivers, illegal immigrants, taxes, ADHD, banks, and even restaurant menus. These are my thoughts and opinions and I’m sure that there’ll be some things you like and some you don’t. This is not everything that’s on my mind, but this is a start. It’s my turn to speak. Please Pass the Podium is available now through the end of 2015 for zero dollars and zero cents. Thank you for listening to Johnny American.

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