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Room 46 & Short Story Collection

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Combined volume includes the novel Room 46 and Short Story Collection.

Room 46: At first glance there is nothing special about Room 46. Yet once people step across the threshold, unexpected things start to happen.

Grace has been hiding in a cocoon, convinced that the life she once imagined for herself is now unattainable. But from the first time she reluctantly knocks on the door and enters Room 46, her days of retreating from the world are numbered.

Despite inspiring others on a daily basis, Edith continues to be defined by her tragic past. Can her time in Room 46 help her gain the courage to simply be herself again and to live a full life?

And Marion – what’s her story and why is she so invested in what happens in Room 46?

Little does each woman know the hand fate has played in bringing them to this special place to transform their lives in ways they can’t imagine.

Shorty Story Collection includes the titles The Perfect Proposal, Stalked!, The Group and Pseudo.

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