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Jack Good Sense for Life

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Jack was my life guide. My soul mate but in dog form. He taught by demonstration. By being. He lived his life in the energy field of love. He couldn't actually say “okay, this is what you do and you do it this way”. He could only be. He could only live his philosophy. I guess he hoped that at some point that I would follow his guidance and I would live in harmony with the world as he did.
I share our pathway with you in the hopes that a little of his loving, creative nurturing spirit will add a sparkle in your life as it did and as it continues to do in mine. Perhaps his philosophy of living his life will become a beacon of light and love in your own life. What you may learn as you turn the pages of the book is that animals can inspire, nurture and guide us. That they enrich our lives not just by being a friend, a companion. That spiritually, they can be our greatest teachers and our most sure-footed pathfinders. Their philosophy can inspire us, and teach us that we are never alone. For within every moment, there is a majesty of Love around and within us.

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