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Immortalised in Time: The Light that Shineth in the Darkness

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The number 666 was innocent. It will be shown in this presentation that a mystic biblical sage had dressed up the number 666 in the illusory cloaks of hideous demonic beasts to ward intruders away from where a magnificent treasure lay secretly archived in scripture. Within the precious archive were numbers and scientific formulas the gifted sage had prepared to theoretically explain the mystical concept of heaven in the hereafter.
I will be bringing you on a treasure trail to show how the sage had disguised the priceless archive as groups of numbers, which were overlooked in scripture. In effect the numbers were hidden in plain sight. It will be a challenging exercise where you will encounter the unexpected because there are cryptic clues to interpret, stepping stones of numbers to follow and facts and figures to comprehend. On the trail you will get to view an optical mirage where parts of the treasure lay hidden behind the most intelligent method of encryption ever devised. Step by step the numbers will be formed like jigsaw pieces to recreate potential images of what the prophets were describing when they wrote about their visions of a heaven in the afterlife. And a picture is worth a thousand words. There before your eyes will be the first scientific evidence to show the biblical prophets had acquired a superior technical knowledge of the heavens, which was beyond the capability of mortals at that stage of engineering development. It is the breaking news story that many had been hoping for – the scientific proof that the prophets were inspired by a higher form of intelligence.

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