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Coconut Oil

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Discover the Power of Coconut Oil

As time goes on, coconut oil is losing its villain status and becoming a superhero. Its health benefits range from weight loss to lowering cholesterol. There are numerous cooking, comfort, and beauty uses. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCL) that are converted to ketone bodies in the liver and they are a quick energy source for cells which make it therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy.

Coconut Oil is your guide on your journey through the power of Coconut Oil. Discover a multitude of uses for it that will prove to be beneficial for both you and your family. The natural power of coconut oil is amazing and safe and this book shows you how to harness that potential.

Uncover natural uses for both hair and skin care, as well as ways to use coconut oil in your diet to accelerate weight loss and to keep you healthy and fit. Also, discover how coconut oil can be used as an alternative therapy for personal medical issues. Unlock the power of coconut oil today!

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