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33 Thoughts to Feel Better: Soft & Effective Self-Help, For Happier You, #1

33 Thoughts to Feel Better: Soft & Effective Self-Help, For Happier You, #1

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33 Thoughts to Feel Better: Soft & Effective Self-Help, For Happier You, #1

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Dec 5, 2015


Shortly: 33+ ways to improve your mood and raise your vibration.

This book is not for those who want to "get things manifested with Law of Attraction."

This is for those who maybe started like this (we all probably started like this, and maybe still start like this in every tense situation), but at some point realized, that it works differently, that it is an emotional path.

We align so that we could feel better, directly. And then the things come, too, as a bonus.

But we do it initially more for our integrity, or because of our integrity: because we understand the vibrational nature of everything.

If you’re one of us, this book might not only be useful for you, - you might enjoy it, as much as we do. Or more. :)

You can use these templates of thoughts in your focus wheels and other types of vibrational work/play. It can just be a path of least resistance for you.

In some being down cases simply reading this book can help to raise your mood so that you feel lighter, so that life becomes more delicious for you. 

It addresses the following states (this is the table of contents):

#1. When you miss someone
#2. When you're wobbling back and forth
#3. When you feel aligning as getting tense
#4. When you're doubting
#5. When you "fell back"
#6. When you feel desperate, helpless, afraid
#7. When you're tired of being afraid
#8. When you feel humiliated or pathetic for having that problem
#9. When you face a crisis
#10. Next thought
#11. When you can't see any good in your circumstances
#12. When you still can't see any good in it
#13. When you can't accept the situation
#14. When you doubt your way of life
#15. When a problem looks like an obstacle
#16. When it looks so dark and unsolvable
#17. When it's a bit lighter, but still feels like a problem
#18. Close thought
#19. Close thought, especially in health and beauty tense points
#20. Close thought, especially in an elationship tense point
#21. When you feel scattered, lost and worrying
#22. When you feel dependent
#23. When you see no solution
#24. When you miss the old times, thinking you can never feel that good again without them
#25. When you're facing a problem
#26. Close thought
#27. Facing whatever
#28. When it's tense and feels bad
#29. When you feel right and wrong at the same time
#30. When it seems easier to just complain
#31. In many cases, especially when you recognize, that you're trying to earn approval from someone or yourself
#32. When a situation triggers you too much
#33. When you feel overwhelmed, or when something ends that you want to continue

And as a bonus - a beautiful exercise, which can put you in a very good feeling. Have you ever tried to visualize, what you want in life? Usually together with it some resistance arises, “it just can’t happen,” and it feels bad.

The exercise you’ll get as a bonus, will give you a beautiful way to bypass it and let you just enjoy what you’re becoming.

See you in the book! :)

Dec 5, 2015

About the author

Olga Farber is an author of very practical self-help guides. They are easy to read, easy to implement, and yet, have a powerful effect on improving life quality, day by day by day by day by day. :) Her tools are soft and subtle, and effective. Being an intuitive consultant and a coach, first never-endingly to herself, and then to her clients, she has a constantly updated pool of light-weight, feeling good exercises and simple mind tricks, that help one improve the mood right in the moment and improve the vibration to live a better-feeling life in more general. She loves people, and it shows. Let her love flow on you, too: choose the books she wrote for you, and delight in them. Happy reading! :)

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Book Preview

33 Thoughts to Feel Better - Olga Farber

Longer version:

1. When the physical reality we face, is an expression of our energy, the way we can get what we want and simply (immediately) improve the quality of our life, is to raise the vibration.

The surest way to do it that I know is using our inner GPS: thoughts that feel better, show us the way.

2. The theory base, the life model it works in, is described in my book Basics of Life Structure: an Empowering Definition. If you don't find it published yet, it means I'm still writing it. If you're interested, write to me to olik.fwg@gmail.com, I may be able to share with you some of the ready chapters. You can also check my online course:


It's a pay-as-you-wish, sometimes a coaching session is included. The free lecture on the course page already gives some basic knowledge.

This model is a bit different from what my favorite teachers (Abraham-Hicks, called AH in my books for the frequency of mentioning :), Bashar and some others) define.

3. Generally, there're two kinds of vibration raising exercises: distraction and focus wheel.

Distraction takes our thoughts away from the subject we feel tense about. Later, when we feel stable enough in our harmony, we may try and touch the subject again, to bridge it.

Focus wheel is named by the technique our beloved AH teach: this is usually finding thoughts on the subject we feel tense about, but having less resistance in them.

In the focus wheel exercises we don't go away from the subject, we just try to change our perspective on it, our perception of it, to feel better where we are, on the subject at hand.

Later in the book I speak about my view of the benefits of this technique.

This book thought templates are the focus wheel type.

4. Sometimes it's a thought, sometimes a pattern, a template of thought, and sometimes a direction, a strategy to find it.

Years ago, when I saw that some thoughts, used in my focus wheels for one area of my life, I can reuse for other subjects, I started to make a list of such templates.

And then later I felt the desire to share them, so that everyone with a wish could use them.

5. Initially I thought I only wanted to share with you these templates as a knowledge (as an instrument?).

But then I realized, I also want to share with you the joy of a relief and the beauty of the New Happiness we come to, upon realignment.

6. This book is self-sufficient, with the thoughts listed in it. But I also give in it links to the self-coaching (self-enjoying) exercises at my blog - they're completely free for you to use.

7. This tool, of finding a thought that feels better, looks small, even tiny, but it has (gives, releases) real power: how many times we have a situation where we only know that we're upset, and don't believe in a solution possibility, or we're confused and don't know where to go, or don't know how to achieve what we want, etc.

Then finding a relief is like finding a small stair we can step on, to move further in the direction that is beneficial for us.

And actually, it's the same as using GPS where all other road signs are confusing or don't exist.

8. There is a technique, used by many meditation teachers.

Michele McDonald offered this way of curing ourselves, when difficult emotions arise.

This mindfulness practice is called RAIN:

Recognize what you feel

Accept what is present in the moment

Investigate your internal experience

Not-identify with your emotions

I heard about it recently and realized, this doesn't give me the best feeling experience (starting with the title), so I asked myself, how I could adopt/change it to something that would feel good to me?

In an answer came SUN:

Smile (even not very naturally, just put a smile on your face)

Understand (that it's a stream and that you're in a development stage, I will speak about the model later in the book)

Navigate (to a relief, finding a thought that feels just a bit better than the original feeling)

This works wonders for me. I also have FUN tool, but that's censored. :)

9. Let's love. Let's live, fully and joyously, the way we really can. The amazing thing is, it is available to us with these little, tiny sometimes, shifts of relief.

Happy reading! :)


#1. When you miss someone

"What if what's really bothering me,

is just my energy state on this subject,

and it just materializes for me into the perception

that I miss you?"

1. We're going general: from the details of the subject, whom and why we miss, we switch to recognizing our feelings, and this is already one level farther, more common, higher.

2. We often tend to dig out our beliefs, to try and understand why we think what we think, why the

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  • (5/5)
    Olga’s book turned into a long and thoughtful journey for me. I wasn’t just reading a book, I was talking to Olga on every page. Some chapters, though short, took me a day, and some even weeks to process and experience. I can compare it to meeting a new person and gradually building a new relationship. You meet, learn, explore, ask questions, communicate and inevitably change. The fact is that Olga’s ideas and system are a new territory for me, but it felt like a welcoming territory, that encourages soft and subtle, but powerful transformation. And here’s the thing: even if you argue or disagree with an idea, it still makes you think, feel and experience, and at the end you change anyway. This is a rare case when I can say that it took me forever to go through a book, but “forever” was a good thing! Some journeys are meant to be long, some relationships take time to build up, some changes unravel for months and months.
    I happened to meet Olga in person and get to know her a bit better (but after I had started reading her book). I feel that everything in the books is a result of her personal journey, deep work and substantial experience. I can see wholesomeness in both the book and the author, and I am glad I had a chance to meet both of them and experience something new and transformational.