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Commandos: Vitalis, #8

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Vitalis: Commandos is book 8 in the futuristic science fiction series, Vitalis

Humanity fears change. Earth has been lost to the spreading alien infection from Vitalis – an infection that mutates and enhances everything it touches all the way down to the genetic level. The infection is contained, but at the cost of quarantining the entire planet of Earth and millions of faultless people that are desperate for a cure.

But it's a cure the best scientists are nowhere near to finding. That leaves one option. Containment and control, and that's why Lance Corporal Carmin Mendez is being given her last chance to avoid throwing her life away. The Terran Coalition of Systems is putting together a top secret unit of unique special operators intended to learn about the contagion and find a way to deal with it.

 For a group of people with no future, the only way is forward. If they can survive the training and learn to get along with each other. And when they think they're finally ready, the real test will begin. Vitalis is waiting.

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