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Are you a Sagittarius? If so, you occupy a special place in the circle of life. You were born with certain gifts and contributions to make in the grand mosaic of creation. Filling this place and expressing yourself as the spirit you were born to be is an essential ingredient in building the life you deserve ... the life you were designed to live.
One of the best gifts Astrology can deliver is the invaluable one of self-understanding. Astrology holds a treasure of centuries-old wisdom. With its priceless information, you have the chance to know yourself ... really know yourself in ways far more intimate and complete than years of therapy or hit-and-miss self-examination can ever accomplish. There's a lot to know about the person you are.
But what if you're not a Sagittarius? Well, do you know a Sagittarius? Do you love a Sagittarius? Do you have Sagittarius friends or relatives?
Stroll through the landscape of their personality ... and see the world for a while through their eyes. Here's the chance to understand their inner mysteries as completely as you do your own. It may be one of the most loving acts of care and connection you give your special someone today. Explore the mysteries of inner space.

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